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Casa Forge manufactures a wide variety a metal display components, as well as many types of custom metal furniture. One of our specialties is large metal globes measuring up to 16 feet in diameter. We have the capability to cut complex shapes in steel, aluminum, stainless, brass, or copper up to 1/2" thick, 4' wide, and 10' long with a CNC plasma table.

Casa Forge has designed and built trade show booths, winning an unprecedented 4 straight "Best of Show" awards. We have been featured in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, the Minnesota Monthly's Midwest Home and Design supplement, and The Minnesota Horticulturist.

Casa Forge's clients run the gamut from major architectural firms and trade show manufacturers to interior designers and homeowners.

For more information, please send me an email.

The gallery below represents the highlights of my work from about 1990, when I worked for the now defunct Design Stages, through the founding of Casa Forge in 1993 and continues to 2003. I've long abandoned keeping this site updated, but I'll leave it online until I come up with something more polished. You can find more recent examples of my work and some dabbling in projects such as the Tube Coping Calculator at MetalGeek.com

Hal Eckhart
Stockholm, WI

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