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Little Giant

The Little Giant

This is a old style 50 pound Little Giant trip hammer (or power hammer if you want to get technical). 50 pounds is the weight of the ram that bounces up and down about 325 times a minute. The whole thing weighs roughly 1800 pounds. Or so they say.

The pulley bearing is very worn, but with two belts pulling straight up balancing the weight, the clutch action is extremely smooth. Stiffening up the clutch treadle and linkage also helps the smoothness.

Perhaps it's not traditional, but I also added a lexan shield to lessen the possibility of getting a mouthful of die spring.

The hammer was first sold on 3/21/1910 to W.H. Hanson of Fort Pierce (Fort Pierre?), South Dakota. It's really in remarkable shape for an old guy. It's almost as old as Clarence!