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Big Shoes

The famous big shoes

This is a project from 1991 that I built, engineered, and supervised. It's probably the most fun project that I've done. The idea was to create an eye-catching backdrop for an event stage at the Special Olympics when it came to the Twin Cities. The starting point was a pair of cheap tennis shoes glued to a piece of plywood (some of the best designs are scribbled on the back of an envelope). Though the client's initial idea was that they last for 2 weeks outside, the shoes were so popular that they were hauled around the country for at least a couple of years. They were spotted in downtown Atlanta some time later, and the last I saw them, they were parked on top of a snowbank near a shopping mall; a little worse for the wear, but still impressive.

The shoes would not have looked nearly as good without the able assistance of Brad Carberry, who brought his Children's Theater experience with soft sculpture and knew just the right way to bend foam to make it look realistic.